Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Division is responsible for abating violations of the Calimesa Municipal Code to protect the public's health, safety, and general welfare, as well as overseeing the registration of vacant and abandoned properties. Major tasks include:

  • The abatement of zoning code violations
  • Enforcement of business licenses
  • Maintenance of the code enforcement database
  • Monthly monitoring of vacant and abandoned properties

This division issues citations and works closely with the City Attorney's office to make sure violations are brought into compliance.

Safety of Properties

The Health and Safety of our community is a concern for all residents and businesses. Therefore, the City's standard is to assure all properties are safe. Issues of concern include: 

  • Substandard and vacant buildings
  • Pools
  • Electrical, sewer, gas, water, and trash
  • Haphazard construction of fences
  • Sheds and houses
  • Unsafe and illegal conversions

The City finds it necessary to safeguard our appearance through Property Maintenance by addressing violations such as: 

  • Non-operational cars on private and public property
  • Trash and abandoned appliances
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Areas of overgrown vegetation

Please visit the Documents and Forms Center to access Code Enforcement documents.

Parking Enforcement

The Traffic Division of the Calimesa Police Department employs a community Service Officer (CSO) who specializes in parking enforcement. The CSO enforces local and state parking laws on public property.

Abandoned Vehicles

To report an abandoned vehicle on public property, please call City of Calimesa Code Enforcement. An abandoned vehicle may have one or more of the following characteristics: 

  • Flat tires
  • Broken windows
  • Graffiti
  • Expired registration
  • Missing parts or engine
  • Unsecured doors
  • Body damage
  • Trash, debris or cobwebs around the tires

In general, vehicles cannot be stored on public streets that are governed by the rules of the California Vehicle and Calimesa Municipal Codes. When a vehicle appears to be stored in the street rather than being used as a primary means of transportation, we mark it for 72 hour notice per officer observation or by citizen complaint. The California Vehicle Code Section 22651 (k) and Calimesa Municipal Code March 11, 2003 (a) state as follows: "abandoned vehicle" means any automobile, truck or other vehicle, as defined in the California Vehicle Code, left upon any street or highway within the City, with the exception of State highways, for a period of 72 or more consecutive hours.