As of February 1, 2012, all redevelopment agencies in the State of California were dissolved per legislation enacted in 2011.  Each redevelopment agency has what is known as a Successor Agency to finish redevelopment activities in-progress.  The information below is provided so the public is aware of what the Calimesa Redevelopment Agency was doing to improve the economy and quality of life in the City before this tool was eliminated.


Redevelopment Project Area No. 5 was originally Subarea 5 of a larger Riverside County redevelopment project adopted in 1986, prior to the incorporation of the City of Calimesa in 1990.  Responsibility for the redevelopment area was transferred by Riverside County to the City of Calimesa and its redevelopment agency was effective as of July 1, 2001.  It was named after the original County Subarea.


As shown on the Project Area No. 5 Map, the project area generally encompasses the original commercial core of the City, also referred to as Calimesa's downtown, running along Calimesa Boulevard from County Line Road to Sandalwood Drive (the small portion on the southeast portion of this Corridor not included in the County's subarea was later brought into redevelopment as part of Redevelopment Project Area No. 1).  The commercially-zoned land on the west side of Interstate 10 between these two interchanges is also in Project Area No. 5.  There are about 190 acres in the Project Area.


The goal of the Redevelopment Plan is to revitalize this commercial area, remove incompatible land uses, encourage infill development, improve infrastructure, and appropriately buffer adjacent residential uses.


The Redevelopment Plan for Project Area No. 5 is effective until December 23, 2021.  There is no time limit on the establishment of debt.  Tax increment can be collected and debt can be repaid until December 23, 2031.  The right to use eminent domain to acquire property in the project area expires on August 18, 2015.


With the development of The Shoppes at Calimesa and the Calimesa Professional Office building, new customers and new activity are coming to the corridor.  New Downtown Corridor Zoning, design standards, and streetscape plans will continue to define the Calimesa Corridor as a unique and thriving business district, and special events focused around Myrtlewood Drive along with public facilities like the post office and the library will anchor the Corridor as the heart of Calimesa.