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Appearance:  Apply in person to complete the application. TYPE or PRINT CLEARLY using black or blue ink. ALL minors MUST appear in person. Minors 15 and under must have both parents present. Minors between 16 and 18 must have at least one parent present. DO NOT SIGN THE APPLICATION UNTIL ASKED TO DO SO.


Any of the following documentation is acceptable for proof of U.S. Citizenship:

*  Certificate of Live Birth (No California or Texas abstracts)

*  Prior passport issued within the last 15 years

*  Naturalization Certificate (only certified copies showing an    agency seal are acceptable)


Not Acceptable:

*  California or Texas abstracts

Hospital or Baptismal Certificates

Notification of Birth Certificates

Photocopies of Certified Certificates


Documents proving U.S. citizenship will be returned with the issued passport.


One Passport Photo:  Photograph must be 2” x 2” in size, color with a white or off-white background.  Regular candid photos and do-it-yourself booth photos are NOT ACCEPTABLE.


Picture Identification:

Current valid driver’s license

*  California identification card

*  Military ID card, minors will use the parent’s ID

*  Foreign Consular Card


FEES (Passport Book – International Travel):

Adult Passport (age 16 and over) - valid for 10 years from date of issue

*  Child Passport (age 15 and under) - valid for 5 years from date of issue

*  $60 for expedite service; $15.89 for overnight delivery return


Adult Fees:

$110 payable to U.S. Dept of State

$35 payable to City of Calimesa (processing fee)


Child Fees:

$80 payable to US Dept of State

$35 payable to City of Calimesa (processing fee)


FEES (Passport Card – May not be used for Air Travel):


Adult Fees:

$30 payable to U.S. Dept of State

$35 payable to City of Calimesa (processing fee)


Child Fees:

$15 payable to U.S. Dept. of State

$35 payable to City of Calimesa (processing fee)


All payments made to the City must be made with cash, check or money order.



$110 for ADULTS for Passport Book and $30 for ADULTS for Passport Card by mail must reapply and use form DS-82


Alicia Kort, Administrative Assistant


908 Park Avenue

Calimesa, California 92320

Phone:  909.795.9801

Fax:  909.795.4399




8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Monday through Thursday






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